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Blue Fountain Farm's vision is to create an open-door policy where everyone from all walks of life are welcome. We understand that every equestrian acts to promote the well-being of their horse and we're excited to share that enthusiasm with fellow horsemen and women.

Mission Statement

Blue Fountain Farm’s mission is to provide quality care for all equines, encourage growth and learning of ethical horsemanship practices, promote animal husbandry and welfare, and create a safe and friendly atmosphere for equestrians to enjoy their beloved horses. Blue Fountain Farm understands that all animals are unique and strives to treat each horse accordingly, with respect for the individual and rider.

Commitment to Excellence

Blue Fountain Farm is committed to caring for all equines with excellence. This includes creating an environment where horses can be horses, fulfilling their natural instincts. As a result, horses at Blue Fountain Farm are fed three times a day, have access to salt/mineral blocks, develop healthy herd bonds with their pasture mates, and receive daily mental and physical exercise. 

Blue Fountain History


Lesley Deutsch


Built in 1992 by Lesley Deutsch, Blue Fountain Farm has a long history of providing quality care to horses and riders alike. For the past three decades, Lesley's legacy has prevailed. While the farm has passed ownership a number of times, Lesley's roots here at Blue Fountain have remained strong. She is not only a skilled horsewoman, but she is passionate about photography. Many of the photos found throughout this website were taken by Lesley and we are honored to preserve her talents. Lesley currently lives in Scotland, leaving Blue Fountain Farm in the capable hands of Steven Morrill and Connie Schmidt who owned and operated the farm for three years.


Steven Morrill and Connie Schmidt bought Blue Fountain Farm from Lesley just a few years ago. Because they had a personal friendship with Lesley, Lesley felt certain Steve and Connie would love Blue Fountain as she had. As expected, the duo maintained Lesley's legacy and standards, promoting excellence and quality care while creating an environment to foster relationships. Steve and Connie always put the safety of the horse and rider first, which helped promote Blue Fountain Farm's reputation. Steven's background in horsemanship brought several new influences to the barn, which have proved to be instrumental in expanding Blue Fountain's expertise. Recently this year, Steve and Connie passed the business down to one of their former ranch hands, ToriAnn Lindgren.

Steven Morrill and Connie Schmidt

(Previous Owners)

After working as a ranch hand for Steve and Connie for three years, ToriAnn Lindgren bought Blue Fountain Farm in May of 2020. Although Tori has substantial experience with horses, she furthered her horsemanship at Blue Fountain, under the mentorship of Steve Morrill. When the time was right, Steve and Connie felt assured that ToriAnn would maintain and promote the legacies preserved by Lesley. With the helpful support of Steve and Connie, ToriAnn aims to grow Blue Fountain Farm, continues to provide quality care, and works with diligence and excellence for all horses and riders.

Tori with JJ.jpg

ToriAnn Lindgren

(Current Owner)

Blue Fountain Farm is also proud to endorse Saddle Pals and Heroes Astride!

Blue Fountain Farm
is proud to be the meeting place for the wonderful therapeutic riding program,

Saddle Pals!

As well at the new program for veterans,






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