We are continuing the high standard of horse care at Blue Fountain that Lesley maintained over the years. And, Blue Fountain will remain Blue Fountain... We intend to keep supporting English, Dressage, Cowboy Dressage, and Saddle Pals. From time to time, you may see some foals here, too! We hope to be adding some Working Equitation, Ranch Horse Versatility, trail obstacles and are now teaching traditional California-style horsemanship. Plus, we have cattle to work for certain events! But overall, the most important thing we want everyone here to do is have fun, stay safe, learn and enjoy the special atmosphere that Blue Fountain has always had.

There is always a lot going at the ranch, and here are some of the events that are coming up, plus the weekly happenings.  


Check back often!

Horsemanship Lessons and Training with Jim Groesback


Jim Groesbeck is now our resident trainer at Blue Fountain Farm. He provides lessons, training and colt starting. Please check his bio and other information below. You can also find him on Facebook and Youtube, with commentary and videos.


Jim's Bio:

Jim Groesbeck is first and foremost a horseman. He has been riding and training horses for 40 years. From pack strings in the mountains of the Sierras, to training champion performance horses.

Jim’s approach to horsemanship was greatly influenced early on by the work of the renowned horse master Ray Hunt. He has started young horses for working cow horse, reining, cutting as well as jumpers and dressage horses. Studying with an eclectic group of great horsemen and top Dressage trainers, Jim is always seeking more knowledge and blending that understanding into his training. Quarter horses, Arabians, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds even Mustangs and mules have all been a part of his horsemanship history.

Besides his excellent training and instruction, Jim has achieved much success in the show world as well, winning a division championship at the Snaffle Bit Futurity in 1995, and long listed for the 1998 inaugural USET reining team. Currently he has received success and recognition in the International sport of Working Equitation. Working Equitation enabled him to improve the precision and correctness of his training, while maintaining his roots in the Stock Horse style of making the California Bridle Horse.

Jim believes that good horsemanship starts with feel, and an understanding of the principles of behavior and foundation training, which is adaptable to practically every form of riding. His teaching philosophy is simple. In the words of Ben Franklin:


Dressage Lessons with Heike Kuchukov

We are happy to have Heike here on an ongoing basis every Tuesday and Friday to give Dressage lessons to those who own their own horses.  For more information, contact Heike directly at:  2heike4@gmail.com



  • Received classical training in Germany

  • Trained with prominent clinicians in the U.S.

  • Successfully competed through I-1 

  • Teaching emphasizes equine biomechanics, teaching riders to work horses over the back with correct engagement of the hind quarters

  • New students should have basic equitation skills



530/878-5747   707/499-4414


Check back for our next California-Style Fun day... With our cattle!! Probably in the Spring of 2019

Horsemanship Lessons with Karyn L Shirley, Brannaman Style Horsemanship

Karyn's Bio:



Over 45+ years of being involved with horses has led to a devotion to make the world a better place for the horse, and to help the people that own these horses have a better understanding of what they need to offer the horse.

It began with riding lessons at the age of 9 and involved several years showing grade & Appaloosa horses in local shows. This led to showing on the Paint horse circuit. Halter horses, pleasure horses (English & Western), trail, western riding, everything had an appeal. Starting colts put the “bug” in Karyn to learn more about how to help horses to “get right”. Not knowing she was doing “natural horsemanship” it just seemed to make sense to teach a colt how to respond to cues on the ground first before climbing on.


A chance encounter led her to a Buck Brannaman (world re-known horseman and subject of the documentary “Buck”) clinic in Acton, CA in 1996. It was a revelation. This same year I also met Doug Williamson (NRCHA Hall of Fame Inductee and $1 million rider), which introduced her to the world of the reined cow horse & other high performance horse events involving cattle.

In 2003, she went to work for Doug, traveling with him from show to show, riding, working and learning. After a year of intense learning, she realized that the high pressure world of futurity youngsters just wasn’t what she wanted. Karyn returned to NV and has spent the residual years applying the things learned from Doug while continuing to learn from Buck. Karyn utilizes these teachings with her own horses, outside horses and in lessons with private clients. All this learning and training has been very useful, and includes 2 stints as the Horsemanship Instructor for the Douglas County Mounted Posse as well as being certified an Equine Specialist with EAGALA (equine assisted therapy).


In 2010 Karyn took over hosting Buck’s NV clinics, which are an every other year affair now. She offers full time training, including colt starting, re-starts for troubled horses (a particular specialty), taking horses into new disciplines, private lessons, mini-clinics and workshops. She also offers equine event organization and occasionally hosts clinics for outstanding horsemen outside my specialties that she continues to ride & learn with. There is both a page and a group on Facebook, Purple Sage Equine, that lists all of upcoming events, as well as a website, www.purplesageequine.com.


Purple Sage Equine


Relaxed, Responsive, Respectful


Come ride with us!

Jessi Morrill will be at the ranch giving riding lessons by appointment. Individual, group lessons and Cowboy Dressage mini-clinics.

Jessi Morrill


Riding lessons, English & Western

Beginner to advanced

Cowboy Dressage clinician Level 1

< Lessons only at this time, by appointment only >


Call or text Jessi at:


Check back for our next California Heritage Riding Club day... Probably in the Spring of 2019

Scheduled & Upcoming Events for Spring, 2019 and beyond:


Scheduled & Upcoming Events, Spring 2019 and beyond...

(updated March 6th, 2019)


Heike Kutchukov – Dressage Lessons

Every Tuesday and Friday, 8:30 to 12:00, covered arena

Jessica Morrill - Riding Lessons, Cowboy Dressage Mini Clinics & Horses Worked

Weekly, by appointment. Typically Thursdays

Saddle Pals & Heroes Astride
Most Mondays during Summer and into Fall

Karyn Shirley Clinics coming in 2019
Karyn will be doing ongoing, monthly lessons at Blue Fountain during 2019, as well as clinics. Karyn's clinic dates for 2019:

Feb 8-10
April 5-7
June 7-9
Aug 9-11
Oct 4-6

(Topics TBA)

For update info and to sign up, check "Clinics with Karyn Shirley - Brannaman Style Horsemanship" on Facebook Dawn Humburg & Michele DeCamp are the points of contact for Karyn. Or, check our Facebook page.

Information for clinic attendees:
We have some limited space for dry camping. There are no hookups. Well-behaved dogs are allowed, but dogs must be on lead at all times. We may have stalls or corrals available for rent during some clinics, but please check early to determine availability. All horses brought onto the premises must be up to date on vaccinations. The safety and well being of our boarders and guests, along with all of our horses and livestock are first and foremost. Release of liability forms must be signed by anyone handling horses on Blue Fountain property... no exceptions. We reserve the right to excuse anyone from the ranch at any time.
                                                          Steve & Connie

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